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This prototype was concibe in a week for an university assignment, where the objective was to create a game where the main mechanic was related to the concept of frequency. After that, it was published for the Anything Goes Jam, from which I choose to use the limitation The player cannot use weapons, and to the Rainbow Jam 6, which theme was Cyber.

I have some ideas to expand the project and turning it into an autonomous game. Don't hesitate in sharing with me your opinions!

Credits: All code, sprites and sounds were made by me, except the music (proper credits in game).


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Watch Anything Goes Jam Feedback Part 2/3 from MrJoshuaMcLean on www.twitch.tv

Hey Joshua, thanks for playing! Your feedback is very well received, and very graphic of what is messing with the player experience. 

The reason I used flash was my university. This game was a part of a one week prototype/project, in wich we had to use flashDev. I hated it, it wasn't a pleasent experience at all. But, it gave me the chance to participate in this week jams. In the future, I'll probably redo the game in godot, adding features to prevent the eyes from beign so ruthless.

Again, thanks for the feedback!

Ah, that makes a ton of sense. I had to use Flash for a crappy project to get my degree too, so I completely understand. XD

Hope the feedback is useful!

It's impossible!

Interesting idea. I don't understand what makes me lose though, the eyes don't touch me or anything.


Glad you find it intresting!

The idea is that the eyes can only see you when you're not their color, so when they go near you (not touching), they'll disable your ability to become their colors. If the three primary colors are block, that means you can't escape their gaze anymore and it's game over.

I should probably implement a sprite for the eyes visions. Do you think that would help?

Yes, maybe some kind of line or beam coming from the eyes to you would make it clearer that they're affecting you.  I tried the game again and I have to say that it seems very hard to get away from them once they find you.  Are you supposed to be able to run away or are you just supposed to get as many points as you can before they show up?